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Agility Ttraining
Category: Agility at Horseshoe Lake
Description: Agility @HorseShoe Lake
Agility Ttraining
Category: Agility at Horseshoe Lake
Description: Agility @HorseShoe Lake

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rank Fletcher  is the owner of Rhythmic Nature Fitness - a company he created to share several of his passions:  Outdoor Adventures, Fitness and Pain-Free Movement.

As a post-rehabilitation specialist, he works closely with orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists to either prevent injury or restore functional, pain-free movement. Using his knowledge of structural anatomy, natural three-dimensional movement patterns, soft-tissue and muscular function, Frank creates individualized routines that are specific to the needs of the client.

As a lover of nature and outdoor activities, Frank enjoys teaching both in, and about the natural world around him. Often, as soon as possible, he takes clients out of the gym environment and leads them on adventures such as rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, backpacking and sea-kayaking.

In the outdoors, logistics and environmental factors such as weather, food, water, distance and terrain can escalate even a minor injury into a serious situation. Acknowledging this, Frank maintains certification as a United States Department of Transportation Emergency Medical Responder (aka Certified First Responder) as well as being certified as a Wilderness First Responder..



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